E finserv is a financial service provider which helps people by providing all the details of fixed deposits in different banks and financial service companies. E finserv educates people regarding interest rates, terms and conditions and other necessary details of fixed deposits available.We provide comparison details of all banks which have fixed deposit facility. Fixed deposits are a relatively safe and more secure form of investment available in the market. Fixed deposits lock-in the deposited amount to fixed period of time. It is a more disciplined approach to long term savings and short term wealth growth. Fixed deposit tenures can be available for periods as low as 7 days to tenures as high as 10 years. A Fixed Deposit is a great way to save money for a fixed period of time, for people who are looking at getting invested money safely along with good earning through it. Fixed deposit attract many investors since they have guaranteed returns at a decent interest rate at the end of the tenure of the investment. There are various factors that affect the rates of interest for a Fixed Deposit. Fixed deposits are great idea for senior citizens with limited source of income are limited and people are mostly risk averse in that age group. Additionally, banks tend to offer better interest rates for senior citizens.

Fixed deposit for one year period are meant for people who can afford to have their money locked-in for one year only. Fixed DepositLand owners and property owners who don’t want any market risk can go for this option. Fixed deposits for two years are used by people who have money to invest in relatively risk free investments. Fixed deposits are good investment option for the investor because of the higher interest rates compared to savings or current accounts. Interest rates offered by banks are higher for long term deposits The long tenure is mostly opted for by people with lease contracts that have high penalty values. The home-owners and landlords who are offering leases for their property. Four and five year deposits in fixed deposits are a good idea when people don’t want risks that are offered through the market. Though the return on the deposits are less as compared to stocks and equities, one’s investment stays very secure. Fixed deposits for five year terms are the investments with highest possible rate of return. *Terms and conditions apply


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