E finserv provide mortgage loan to help needy customers. Usually, people take mortgage loans to purchase property like home, land etc. A mortgage loan helps to raise money required to buy what you want. Mortgage loan make up for your financial shortage and help you fulfill your dream. Mortgage loan is a Secured Loan which is secured on the borrower's property. But the borrower needs to repay the loan along with the interest amount on the loan within a particular period of time. Once the repayment is done, you will be able own the property on your name. Mortgage loans are also known as liens against property. In case, you stop repaying your mortgage loan, we have the right to possess and sell the secured property.

A mortgage loan has principal, interest, tax and insurance. Principal is the amount you actually borrow from E finserv.Mortgage Loan Interest is the reward we receive for lending you the money. Higher interest rates lead to higher mortgage payment. E finserv provides loans at lower interest rates with relaxed loan tenure. Tax and insurance payments are added to monthly mortgage payments. Insurance provides you protection against future injuries that may be caused to your property. Also, your real estate taxes will be added to your monthly payments. Mortgage repayments include everything. E finserv has set some eligibility criteria to provide Mortgage Loan to our customers. Eligibility criteria includes that the customer who is availing the mortgage loan should be at least 21 years of age. We access the value of the property and check the existing liabilities and the annual income of the customer. We access the financial documents provided by the customer before sanctioning the loan. We provide mortgage loan at lower interest rates.

E finserv has made it very easy for customers to apply for mortgage loan. Customers have to register online and fill up the application form and submit along with the necessary documents. Employed people have to submit ID proof, address proof, pay slips, Form 16 and bank statements. Self employed people have to submit ID proof, address proof, proof of business existence, Profit and Loss statements, Bank statements etc. E finserv will verify all the documents before sanctioning the mortgage loan. *Terms and conditions apply


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